Facts About Work Comp Laws in Iowa

According to work comp laws in Iowa ([dcl=6678]),employers with over five employees should have workers compensation coverage. It is not obligated for employers with less than five employees.

The employer has to obtain workers compensation coverage from a reputable insurance company. Subsequently,there should be the payment of all monthly premiums so that the cover remains valid.


In the event of a workplace accident,the injured worker will not directly sue the employer but will sue the insurer of the employer for compensation. Legal action can involve a court or negotiation process.

With negotiations,it will be easy to obtain compensation. The whole affair can take a number of weeks. On the other hand,court processes usually drag for long.

The compensation sum should be substantial. It should pay for all the medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

If one loses a job because of a disability caused by a workplace injury,there will be the need for compensation that will cover lost wages. For the case of death,the dependents of the injured worker will receive the compensation.

Serious Injury

There will only be compensation if there is a serious injury. A small injury will not have legal recourse. The law does not deal with triviality. In addition,it has to be determined that the employer is responsible. The negligence of the employer should have caused the injury and not the worker’s negligence.

Legal Assistance

The typical worker is not an expert in work comp laws in Iowa. A highly experienced[dcl=6678] is required. Such a professional will guide an individual every step of the way. Top lawyers usually provide high-quality advice and they deal with the technical details.

The Bottom Line

Every American state has its own unique worker’s compensation laws passed by a local legislature. In Iowa,there are a set of work comp laws in Iowa. These stipulate the rights,responsibilities,and obligations of employers and workers in relation to workers compensation


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