Tegalalang Village and Its Beautiful Rice Terraces: Discovering Bali’s Most Important Resource

Tegalalang Village is a beautiful place that offers travelers much to see during a stay in Bali. This charming region is recognized as one of the most popular tourist sites in the entire country. The village can be found north of the town of Ubud. The area is one of the most important cultural and arts centers in Bali. This is reflected in charming Tegalalang Village.

Exploring Tegalalang Village

Tegalalang Village is a wonderful place to look for unique souvenirs. Skilled locals create an array of amazing hand crafted items. These include gorgeous wood carvings that are fashioned into a wide range of products. Each is lightweight and generally economically priced so visitors can find a good value on beautiful merchandise if they know how to shop. Vendors setup along both sides of the road so passersby can browse their wares.

Make sure you leave enough time to see the village before heading to what some consider to be the most significant attraction in the area: the famous rice terraces.

See What Makes Bali Rice Terraces So Beautiful

While the shopping and culture in Tegalalang Village is well worth exploring, the rice fields are what usually motivate so many travelers to see this part of Bali. The terraces offer a breathtaking view of a small river valley with verdant coconut trees.

The view may be a little different depending on what time of year you visit. During the growing season, the rice fields are regularly flooded. Irrigation systems are built into the landscape to control water flow and make sure that the plants get the moisture they need to thrive. Many healthy rice terraces are served by a single manual dam system.

A variety of natural hues come together to create a captivating scene that features deep green shades and the clear blue sky. Visitors should remember to bring their cameras because this is an area you will want to photograph! Not only are the rice terraces visually stunning, they are also a symbolic part of traditional Bali.

Rice Terraces and the Balinese Community

Rice fields have been a part of Bali for more than 2,000 years. Long ago, farmers would use primitive hand tools to sculpt the land and nurture the growth of their staple crop. Many generations have continued this tradition to produce food and reinforce the diligent, hardworking spirit of their forebears.

The terraces were also an important part of the community. Mini-societies would work in the terraces to help ensure that the irrigation system was fairly managed. The cooperative approach also allows farmers to harvest up to three crops each year.

While admiring the rice terraces, travelers should also consider what has gone into their upkeep. This vital local resource has helped bring the community together while supplying a key food source for those who live in Bali. The Tegalalang Village rice terraces are particularly eye-catching and help capture the spirit and beauty of this fascinating country.



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